Our posts are primarily Lodgepole Pine.  We peel, dry and treat them with a full pressure CCA wood preservative for retail sale.  All posts up to 7' can be pointed.  They are packaged in units with the following unit sizes:

6'.5" Length                     7' Length                     8' Length                    10' Length                    12' Length
3"- 120/bundle                      3.5" - 100/bundle            3-4" - 100/bundle           4-5" - 70/bundle             4-5" - 70/bundle
3.5" - 100/bundle                 4-5" - 70/bundle              4-5" - 70/bundle              5-6" - 50/bundle             5-6" - 50/bundle
4"- 70/bundle                        5-6" - 50/bundle              5-6" - 50/bundle             6-7" - 35/bundle              6-7" - 35/bundle 
4.5" - 60/bundle                    6-7" - 35/bundle             6-7" - 35/bundle               7-8" - 25/bundle             7-8" - 25/bundle
5" - 50/bundle                        7-8" - 25/bundle             7-8" - 25/bundle              8-9" - 20/bundle             8-9" - 20/bundle
6" - 35/bundle                                                                   8-9" - 20/bundle                            

We also sell poles treated or untreated which range from 8' to 25' in length with various diamaters.

Split rails are whole rails that are split into two halves lengthwise and used for building corrals, etc.  We also produce peeled or doweled split rails in various lengths and diameters.

Whole rails come in a variety of diameters ranging from 2" to 5" and lengths of 8' to 21' long.

Barkie Rails have the bark left on.  The diameter is measured on the small end and packaged in 40 piece units for ease of handling.  They are available in 10', 13', 17' and 21' lengths.

Jump Rails

Jump Rails are stacked and stickered in square bundles to assure straightness.  They are used mainly at horse shows for jumping purposes.  They are sold in units only for shipment all over the USA.

Tree Stakes are used primarily for agricultural purposes such as staking new trees or propping up heavily-laden fruit tree branches.

Jack-leg or Cross-buck Sets
We have built a saw that cuts a notch that fits perfect every time.  We sell Jackleg or Crossbuck sets with the bark on or peeled and untreated or full pressure treated.

Fence Stays
We produce barky fence stays that are approximately 4.5' long used for wire gates and between posts for extra support of the wire fences.

We also make custom gates of many sizes and lengths.  We carry in stock a variety of hinges and latches to hang them with.

We cut and sell firewood in approximately 16" blocks. 

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